Property For Rent In Surrey

Currently, Surrey is full of prime real estate. Numerous types of real estate are available; everything from property to let, land, and single-family homes. The Barton Wyatt Company covers a wide range of property management from land appraisal, property sales, property to let, property development and portfolio management. The International Department of Barton Wyatt specializes in selling homes on golf courses and resorts all over the world. How fantastic it would be to walk out the front door each morning and play a nice eighteen holes before breakfast.

For those that are serious about property to rent in Surrey, Barton Wyatt now has an application for the iPhone so that you can get all the current listings as soon as they go up.

Serious buyers should strongly consider purchasing the app so that they can get the most up to date information about all the homes, land, apartments and much more as soon as the listing is added. When you select an agent from Barton Wyatt, they will go beyond what most real estate agents will do because they know the importance of having your own place to call home. There are a few things that you should consider when looking into purchasing or renting property. Here is a small list that you should consider before deciding on a piece of property.


If you are looking for a home for personal use for just you and your family, unless you are the royal family, you probably do not need a place the size of Buckingham Palace. Consider the size of your family and its needs before choosing a space.

If you have children or pets, a large back garden is desired so that they have room to roam and play without feeling trapped.


Are you planning on building commercially on this land? If you think that you may want to use the land to build a super market instead of a home, you should consider all the zoning requirements in Surrey before choosing a piece of land to build on commercially. Zoning requirements as well as the types of permits that you need to build are very different.

Space to Let

If you consider purchasing an entire unit of flats, you should also consider how long it is going to take to let each one of the units. Having open flats in your building could mean the difference in paying the mortgage one month from the next. If the area has a lot of space to let, adding another building is not such a great idea.


Lastly, you should consider the price of the mortgage for the property you are interested in. Are you going to be able to reasonably afford to make the payments each month? Are you planning to get a bank loan? Will a lender be willing to loan you the money that you need to purchase the property. If you do decide that getting a bank loan is the best option, consider the interest that will be added to the loan, if it is not a reasonable amount, then you may want to hold off until a bank or lender will give you a lower interest rate. This usually comes about from putting down a larger down payment and improving your credit score.

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