Renting a Property in Edinburgh

Renting a Property in Edinburgh

When renting a property in Edinburgh there is an option between dealing with a private landlord and dealing with a property agent.

Dealing with a private landlord in Edinburgh:

Sometimes dealing with a private landlord can be a worrying. As it involves meeting a complete stranger and trusting him/her in regards to the property. Trusting a landlord can sometimes lead to huge losses as they are unregulated and not part of a professional trade body or trade association.

Dealing with a property agent in Edinburgh:

Letting agents will cost you for their service but they also offer you great peace of mind and security.

Some of the property agents are registered with bodies, such as, Association of Residential Letting Agents. These bodies have a code of practice which its members must follow. Other professional bodies are National Approved Lettings Scheme, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the National Association of Estate Agents.

Viewing of the property:

Once you have looked at all the properties and decided on the ones that have appealed you, the next step is to arrange a viewing of the property. If you are dealing with a private landlord then you will have to arrange it with him. Alternatively if an agent is involved then he will arrange a viewing of the property. You should make the most of this viewing opportunity by checking the property inside out.

You should see if the property has been well maintained.

This can be done by examining the windows, roofs, pipes etc of the property. You must also check if the property is well insulated, as this will affect your bills later. Ask for gas safety certificate along with operating instructions for electrical equipments. You should run the taps, flush the toilet, bath and shower to see if they all work properly. Checking for storage space in the property is also important. A great deal of attention should be given to the security of the property. For this purpose you must check the locks on all entry doors and windows.

Also take a tour of the surrounding to see if there are any parks or gardens around and to examine the type of neighborhood. See if there are chances of any possible nuisance. Also ask if there is a vehicle space. Another important thing is to see the proximity of transport links. You must consider if it is an easy commute to university or work and if all the amenities are close by. Talking to existing tenants and neighbors will provide you with helpful information regarding the area as well as the landlord. After considering all these aspects you can decide whether to move on with the deal or to stop at this point.

Renting Property With Pets In Edinburgh

Searching for a house can be challenging for people who have pets. A lot of landowners strictly prohibit tenants from keeping pets in their properties. This is mainly because they are afraid of possible damages being caused or that the dwellings may become infested with fleas. Another reason for not allowing pets is that lot landowners themselves have signed a lease for the property and are required to adhere to it terms.

If you want to find a place where you are allowed to keep pets, you may consider certain factors that will enable you to do so. Primarily, when signing a rent contract, you should be honest about the fact that you intend to keep pets in the property. The landlord will certainly appreciate this and may be comfortable with this, even though he or she may place certain conditions.

Pet rates
Many landowners charge extra amounts of deposit to cover for a period of six to ten weeks, if a tenant is going to keep a pet.

Additionally, there is a clause in some rental agreements that are meant to serve as an insurance against damages caused as a result of allowing pets. But despite these options available to landlords, many of them are still against allowing renters to keep pets on their properties.

Ground floors
Compared to having renting a property if one owns a dog, it is easier to secure an allowance to keep cats. Renters who have cats, however, are in favor of renting ground floor properties in order that their feline pets can move around easily. Finding such a place may not be exceptionally easy. Pets like reptiles or fish, which are usually confined to fixed spaces, are generally allowed to be kept in rented properties. Such animals pose much less of a threat in terms of damage or scratches.

Offering extra money
One might want to consider approaching landlords who are less sentimentally attached to their properties. For an extra charge for pets, such people are usually comfortable about allowing renters to keep pets in their homes.

Tips for tenants with pets
It is best that prospective renters who own pets should invest some time into searching for appropriate places to stay, where they may be allowed to keep their pets, as well. And if such a place is found, it should be rented at the earliest possible.  It is also essential that pets that will be kept in rented properties are well groomed and obedient. This would decrease any chance of landlords raising objections about untoward incidents or noises caused by pets.  Finally, one should assure a landlord in writing that the property would be well maintained, and that full responsibility would be taken to return it in the similar condition, as it was originally rented out.

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Your Lease Options When Renting Property

Following the recession, mortgage lenders have tightened their belts and are no longer ready to lend to people whom do not have considerable deposits and secure incomes. This has meant that many people ready to step on the property ladder have delayed and instead chosen to rent a property.

The following is some basic information regarding different tenancy agreements and how taking legal advice at the start of your lease can save you money in the future.

Different tenancies

There are three common types of tenancy agreement:

1. Assured tenancy ('AT') - this is a longer-term arrangement in which, if you comply with the conditions of the tenancy there is no reason it cannot continually be extended. They are normally given by local authorities and the housing association, but private landlords can also do so.

2. Assured shorthold tenancy ('AST') - these are often give for a period of 6 months and no renewal is guaranteed after this.

Nevertheless, if a landlord wishes to evict you from your property you are protected under the Housing Act 1988 and they are unable to do without a court order. ASTs are usually provided by private landlords.

3. Company letting agreement ('CLA') - an arrangement where a dwelling property is let to a tenant company

Your tenancy agreement

Even though there is no legal requirement, a tenancy agreement should always be in writing. The agreement will document the terms and conditions under which the landlord is happy to receive rent payment in return for you residing in the property. It is an important legal agreement and should be drafted with care so that you can feel secure in your rented property for a long period of time.

Numerous tenants start their tenancy without having properly negotiated the terms properly, this then inevitably leads to disputes in the future.

It you speak to a specialist solicitor in the early stages it should help prevent any issues arising in the future. Experienced solicitors which specialise in this area are often able to recommend changes to your tenancy agreement which will help protect your interests. If you are taking out an tenancy with a local authority (as mentioned above with ATs) then it is more likely that you will just need a solicitor to quickly read through the lease agreement on your behalf.

Tenancy agreements which are put together by private landlords may not have the same protection woven in for tenants. Your specialised solicitor will help get rid of these before you start your tenancy.

A specialist solicitor should also be able to provide you with specific advice regarding deposit money paid, access issues and maintenance / service charges.

When seeking a specialist landlord and tenant solicitor use the Internet to look at their website and ensure that they have a team dedicated to this type of work. It is often a good idea to drop one of the solicitors an email and get a quote for looking at a lease agreement. Imagine how much money you will be saving by having your agreement legally checked now rather than fighting a legal dispute against your landlord in the future.

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Edinburgh Accommodation and Renting In Property

Edinburgh being the capital city of Scotland beholds royal beauty and charm because of its natural bloom and historic splendor. The city is encompassed with green spaces and the buildings are craved with stony work, giving it a fashionable look. Besides the element of entertainment, Edinburgh provides healthy opportunities for the professionals. Summer festival of this city draws attention of the tourists from all over the world. The National Museum of Scotland, Hollywood palace, Arthur's Seat, Scottish Parliament, National Galleries of Scotland, Georgian House, Dynamic Earth, Royal Yacht Britannia, and Edinburgh Zoo etc. are one of the famous tourist spots and Edinburgh Castle being the most famous tourist attraction in Scotland. The old town is heeled with the fascinating history so if anyone has property in this area, it will give a historical and grandeur feeling.

On the other hand is the New Town with its modern architecture along with culturally rich shops and restaurants, giving the town a contemporary look.

On the whole, people visiting Edinburgh fall short of time but not the places to visit as the entire city is filled up with fascination.

A number of flats and apartments are available in Edinburgh for renting ranging from couple of days to several months. These are much comfortable and flexible than hotel rooms because they allow visitors to cook their own food, invite friends and live the way they want and desire. It also provides the visitors a feeling of being at home. Besides the element of comfort, these flats and apartments are way much cheaper than high quality hotel rooms and provide great value for money due to their affordability factor.

Besides flats there are also self-catering holiday apartments in Edinburgh that are located in the heart of the main city.

This helps in proximity to all the entertainment places. One can easily visit them without having any transport issues. These apartments are cozy and warm and have a home like feeling and the staff is welcoming to make the living experience cherish able and memorable.

These apartments have at most four bedrooms and are available in studio size, giving a comfortable feeling.  One can use a kitchen and the living room etc. according to his own will and requirements. Thus renting in an apartment in Edinburgh provides a whole new experience which is not only unique but entertaining too than the common standards of the services found in a hotel. Besides these factors apartments are quiet affordable as compared to hotel rooms. These apartments are situated in Grass market, Grey friars Bobby, Royal Mile, Saxes Stock Bridge, March Mont, St Leo rends, Hollywood, Rose Lane, Gladstone, Albany Street etc.

Besides self-catering holiday apartments, serviced apartments are also available. These are sort of luxury accommodation situated in multiple locations. Some of them are Canon Court Apartments, one or two bedroom apartments, Waterfront Apartments etc. These apartments are pretty expensive but they are worth their value.

There is another option available and that is modern flats. Depending on one’s budget, they can be found all around the city. These include single bedroom flats, double bedroom flats and wide range of various sizes.


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Property For Rent in Edinburgh

Property For Rent in Edinburgh
The city of Edinburgh started its journey from the Castle of Edinburgh. The very first houses built in the city were on the area right in front of the Castle. This area has now become the Lawn market. After this the building of houses continued in Edinburgh from all the down the High Street and Cannon gate to the Royal Palace of Holy rood. All these streets are collectively known as the Royal Mile. The city has many a historic buildings with beautiful architecture, panoramic views, world class schools and universities, fining dining and shopping facilities. The city of Edinburgh has a number of flats, apartments and houses for people who are willing to dwell there and also for short term visitors.
Property for rent:
There is a huge variety of properties for people to select from. Some are the usual flats and apartments, tastefully decorated while some are properties which are unique in nature. Like there are cozy cottages, especially for couples on Morning ton. These have everything in them and are decorated beautifully. This cottage has an open plan living, modern kitchen, bathroom, two double bedrooms with a balcony. It is centrally heated. This cottage is close to schools and many shops.
Another cozy cottage is in Apoho Dunedin. This has two bedrooms, living room, dining, office, bathroom, kitchen, and garage and is also close to the bus route. Another ideal property for sunny holidays is on For bury Road. This flat is located at a walking distance to the beach and also has a number of shops nearby. This is a one bedroom flat with open plan living and kitchen, a bathroom.
In Dunedin, High Street, a single bedroom flat with big windows is an ideal spot to relax and unwind. This is a very sunny, centrally locate apartment. Moreover, bus service and main street are just at a few minute’s walking distance. The flat has an open plan living and a bathroom. For all the couples and single folk who are looking for an apartment style living close to the town, an ideal property is on Mainland Street. This unit has two bedrooms with beautiful views and built in wardrobes. One of the bedrooms also has a study with it. The property also has a kitchen and a bathroom with modern decor.
Lastly, one of the most sought after property is in the heart of Mosgiel. The flat has two bedrooms in Mosgiel’s shopping complex. This means that all the shops, schools, buses, banks and transport are nearby and hence an ideal location.

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Renting Property With Pets In Edinburgh

House hunting can be a little rough for people with pets. Most landowners specifically highlight that tenants with pets are not welcome. Mainly because they fear that it might cause damage to their furniture, leave flea infestations. Another reason why landlords won’t allow pets is that, most landlords are themselves leaseholders and are bound by the terms of the lease. In order to find a property which welcomes no legged, four legged, eight legged, finned or winged friend there are certain factors which you must look into.

Many letting agencies when entering into a contract with landlords, insert in a clause, according to which they will not withhold consent for a pet unless it is unreasonable. You must always be upfront and honest with the landlord; he might even appreciate this and welcome your pet.

Pet rates.


Mostly the landowners increase the deposit from six weeks to ten weeks for pet owners.

This is done to recover the maintenance and repair costs after the tenancy expires. Moreover there is a pet’s clause in such a contract which cover every possible damage a pet might cause, like scratched floors, damaged curtains etc. Even with all these safeguards provided for the landlord, there still aren’t many suitable properties which are let to tenants with pets.

Ground floors.


For people with dogs, renting can turn out to be a dog’s life.

Cats however are easier to rent to then dogs. People with cats prefer to get a flat on the ground floor so that it is easy for the cat to move in and out. Finding such a property is not an easy task. Importantly, having other pets like reptiles, fish etc, is not much of a problem as they are kept confined in glass cabinets and jars. Thus pets which don’t scratch the furniture and floors and are not hairy are usually fine with landlords.

Offering extra money


At the same time there are many investment landlords who are not emotionally attached to their property like occupier owners. These might allow pets. Moreover, offering to pay extra will also help you to find a home for you and your pet.

Tips for tenants with pets


You should spend time to look around for properties. If you find a suitable place that is willing to accept your pet, then you should get it fast. Also make sure that your pets are house and obedience trained so as not to give the landlord a hard time. Also add in a clause that you will put the things back the way they were when you came and will remove all traces of your pet. This will put your landlord at ease.

Why Folk Rent Property In Edinburgh And How To Find Property On Rent

Renting has always been an attractive option for a lot of people for various reasons. It offers a flexible lifestyle as moving in and out of such a property is easy and also tenants are not responsible for any maintenance. These days, when property prices are actually falling, renters are actually on a safe side as there is no point in owning bricks and mortar with actually no value.

Renting a flat/house/apartment in Edinburgh is a very safe and popular option for people from all walks of life, be it working professionals, students or families. There are a number of situations in which people have to rent a property.

Why people rent property Many people rent a property on short term basis and in the meanwhile they look for the most suitable house. Students visit Edinburgh from all parts of the world and it is for this reason that flats and apartments are very popular with students.

Mostly a group of students rent out a property together and share the rent and other utilities. There are also working professionals who have to move to and forth because of their job requirements. These people prefer to live in rented rooms and flats which sometimes also have the facilities of service. A number of people have jobs which are far away from their homes due to which they have to spend precious amount of time on commute. Recently there has been a trend of Monday to Friday lets in Edinburgh. People rent rooms or flats near their jobs for weekdays and for weekends they move to their homes. Other than this, there are people who just cannot afford to buy a home and hence they don’t have an option but to live in a rented property.

Finding a property on rent
You can always start of by searching on the net. There are a number or property websites which have a wealth of properties listed on them. is one of the finest. You can find properties with their pictures, location, prices and all features. All you have to do is respond to it. You can also contact a letting agent. They will provide you the same service except that it will be personalized. A letting agent will only show you property which suites your requirements. Alternatively you can also look in local newspaper property sections and advertisements in university noticeboards or in shops. Talk to your friends or work colleagues, they might be able to show you something or have recommendations.