Renting Property With Pets In Edinburgh

Searching for a house can be challenging for people who have pets. A lot of landowners strictly prohibit tenants from keeping pets in their properties. This is mainly because they are afraid of possible damages being caused or that the dwellings may become infested with fleas. Another reason for not allowing pets is that lot landowners themselves have signed a lease for the property and are required to adhere to it terms.

If you want to find a place where you are allowed to keep pets, you may consider certain factors that will enable you to do so. Primarily, when signing a rent contract, you should be honest about the fact that you intend to keep pets in the property. The landlord will certainly appreciate this and may be comfortable with this, even though he or she may place certain conditions.

Pet rates
Many landowners charge extra amounts of deposit to cover for a period of six to ten weeks, if a tenant is going to keep a pet.

Additionally, there is a clause in some rental agreements that are meant to serve as an insurance against damages caused as a result of allowing pets. But despite these options available to landlords, many of them are still against allowing renters to keep pets on their properties.

Ground floors
Compared to having renting a property if one owns a dog, it is easier to secure an allowance to keep cats. Renters who have cats, however, are in favor of renting ground floor properties in order that their feline pets can move around easily. Finding such a place may not be exceptionally easy. Pets like reptiles or fish, which are usually confined to fixed spaces, are generally allowed to be kept in rented properties. Such animals pose much less of a threat in terms of damage or scratches.

Offering extra money
One might want to consider approaching landlords who are less sentimentally attached to their properties. For an extra charge for pets, such people are usually comfortable about allowing renters to keep pets in their homes.

Tips for tenants with pets
It is best that prospective renters who own pets should invest some time into searching for appropriate places to stay, where they may be allowed to keep their pets, as well. And if such a place is found, it should be rented at the earliest possible.  It is also essential that pets that will be kept in rented properties are well groomed and obedient. This would decrease any chance of landlords raising objections about untoward incidents or noises caused by pets.  Finally, one should assure a landlord in writing that the property would be well maintained, and that full responsibility would be taken to return it in the similar condition, as it was originally rented out.

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