Renting A Property In Edinburgh

It is a painstaking task to find a perfect property in Edinburgh which exactly meets your requirements. It is an exceptionally long and hectic procedure which requires meeting and negotiating with different landlords and letting agents. Besides this, on-site survey of different properties is another difficult but essential job. You need to be smart enough when you go for an on-site survey of houses in Edinburgh and assess it carefully, that whether you and your family members will be relaxed to live in this house or not. So, after you have done with all these procedures, next is to get your desired property secured for you.

Holding fees or deposit: The holding fees or deposit is a security fee, that landlords or property agents charge, to keep a property for rental, reserved for someone, who has shown interest to take it on rent.

So, once you have selected a property to let in Edinburgh, the landlord or agent will ask you to deposit the holding fee. The amount you have to pay as holding fee can vary according to the situation, that whether you are renting the property as a single person or in a group. Mostly agents or landlords, charge holding fees equal to one month or six week’s value of rent of that specific property. Make sure that you have been issued a receipt for paying the holding fee. It will serve as written evidence against your paid holding fee.

The government of United Kingdom has introduced a law for property to rent in Edinburgh recently, with an aim to protect the renters and their deposits. According to that law all deposits must be paid into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

So, the landlords are responsible to make it sure that they have provided the renter with all the contact details of this scheme within the 14 days of payment.

At the time of signing, the agreement you have to endow with the details of a guarantor to the landlord or letting agent, with whom you are going to sign the agreement. This is a vital and essential thing, as the guarantor will be that person who will provide the guarantee to the landlord or agent with the aim that he will be legally responsible to compensate the rent in case you are incapable to pay in any month. So, the person you choose as a guarantor should be a responsible person with reasonable monthly income. If you are a student, than your parents or guardian can become your guarantor.

After fulfilling these requirements, you will then enter into the tenancy agreement of getting Edinburgh rental property. The tenancy agreement will classify all the terms and conditions of the agreement clearly and obligations of both parties. Always remember to interpret every clause cautiously before signing the property to rent Edinburgh agreement.