How to Protect Your Rented Property?

Rented property needs to be protected, especially when a landlord does not reside in the vicinity of his let out property. More over, he will be risking it as he is letting it out to a stranger who may or may not keep his house in a good condition.

Get a thorough credit verification of your tenant information from a professional reference agency. See to it, that a reference agency you approach is a licensed one. A landlord should keep a record of his paid rent receipts and also those which are due. He should also maintain the dates when he has visited his property and what condition it was in.

In case your tenant defaults his rent payment, one can approach a rent claim company. But, you will have to pay a percentage of your rent as commission to such claiming agents. To avoid any payment of commission to a claiming agent you can get yourself insured, get covered under rent guarantee insurance.

A breather even in times of disaster, is your rent insurance.

Instead of loosing your money in claiming back your rental income or paying for those legal expenses, or eviction charges, you can reach out a tenant assessing agency to refer a good tenant for your house. Basic tenant checks comprise of his personal identity check, address check, anti fraud checks, credit checks, CCJ checks or bankruptcy checks. In addition to this, they also provide you rent guarantee assurance and cover any legal expenses involved in the eviction of your tenant. Select the right person to live in your buy to let property.