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Interested in waterfront real estate for sale?

Buying a home overseas is becoming a more popular form of investment for millions of people, most investors who prefer to purchase real estate in seaside villas or apartments. The main reason for this is because rental yields are high, often associated with seaside real estate compared to real estate for sale in a more remote location.

The glory of a Beach House fuel overseas property markets and prices in many places older investments as the Côte d'azur in France, the fish Banús in Spain and Puerto Lake Como in Italy, with investors buying now before the waterfront real estate in new areas such as Antalya and Bodrum in Turkey.

Property for sale in Turkey is now a hot spot for anyone who wants to buy an apartment or a Villa abroad, Istanbul, Bodrum Peninsula and the region of Antalya, offers the best investment return with 12% results in some areas. Emerging markets include the historic town of Gallipoli, known as the Gelibolu in Turkey, where you can find pristine beaches and beautiful sea area homes for sale. The coastal town of up this interesting visitors 50000 each season, many of whom travel from the United States, France and the United Kingdom to visit famous war memorial that marks the grave of soldiers who fell during the battle of Gallipoli during the first world war.

Most people do not know that Turkey's economy is growing quickly, with 11% growth, surpassing 742 billion in the first quarter, so that it becomes the fastest in the world economy. Since 2008 over 63.085 individual houses have been sold to more than 73.103 different aliens with a high proportion of opting for beach property.

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